Choosing the right rose


Roses are used as cut flowers, screens, borders, containers, hedges, ground cover, wall cover, and of course, as specimen plants in the landscape. There are literally thousands of rose types. Bloom colour, bloom shape, foliage, size, fragrance and plant shape are all things to look at when shopping for roses. Though all roses are closely related to one another, there are still some determining characteristics for each.  This guide is designed to help you find a type that suits your needs.


Etude Climbing Rose

These Roses produces long, arching canes that must be attached to supports such as fences, arbours, trellises or walls. Climbers bloom continuously or at least several times during summer and autumn while Ramblers will bloom only once. The arching canes can be 20 to 30 feet long. If your garden space is limited, use vertical space and plant some of these. 

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Many Happy Returns Bush Floribunda

Clusters of blooms in every colour of the rainbow. Through crossing hybrid teas, great improvements have been made in flower formation while still retaining the vigour and freedom of blooming. For beds and borders they rule supreme. And as superb bedding plants they deliver more colour per square yard than any other plant.

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Cheshire Ground cover Rose

Any variety of spreading or low-growing rose used for covering banks or planting between taller shrubs fits this category. The varieties offer repeat flowering and good disease resistance. Often called carpet roses, they're generally two feet tall. 

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Congratulations Hybrid Tea Rose

Renowned for their large flowers of perfect form and many with a lovely fragrance, Hybrid Teas make a beautiful display in the garden and are wonderful as cut flowers in the home.

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June Time Miniature Bush

As the name states, miniatures are tiny replicas of larger roses. Their small blooms and foliage plus their compact size make them excellent container plants. They can also be used for edging, rock gardens or anywhere a full sized shrub would not fit. A miniature's mature size is usually less than two feet tall.   See Our Miniatures Here

Pink Grootendorst Shrub Rose

The term shrub covers a variety of roses, from bushy specimens to hedge roses. Generally hardy and disease-resistant, shrub roses provide a lot of blooms. The size varies with the variety. 

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Standards are simply Bush Roses grafted onto a 1m long standard.  They are ideal for placing at the back of a border, as a stand-alone specimen, or along a driveway, patio to define an edge.  They also work extremely well in Containers where they can offer an overall height of 4 to 6ft.  We supply them bare root only online but they are available all year round from the nursery.


Silver Wedding Hybrid Tea Rose

A Rose can be the ideal gift to mark a special occasion.  Whether it be for a Birthday, Wedding Anniversary or just to send Best Wishes we have a range to suit most occasions across the various rose types. 

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It can sometimes be a point of debate as to whether a Rose has a strong fragrance or not.  We have combined our own list based upon our experience to help you out.  You can read more about what makes a scented Rose Here (external site).

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