Sorry But All Of Our Offers Have Expired 


Spring 2018 - 15% off all our Bare Root Roses during March.  Use Promo Code SPRING2018 at Checkout.


Bare Root Roses are probably the most economical way to buy Roses.  We only sell them during the dormant autumn / winter season yet they are a great way for any gardener to purchase their first or an additional Rose.  They arrive already pruned and ready to plant. just give the roots a sprinkle of Rootgrow to help them get started.  You can read more about planting and care here

The SPRING2018 offer applies to all but our Standard Roses (which have their own offer) and can be used whether you are buying one or any number of Roses.  

For those who are unfamiliar with Bare Root Roses they are simply Roses with their roots bare or exposed, there is no soil / compost surrounding them.  Plant them now and watch them flourish in just a few months and continue for years afterwards.

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Save £30 With Our 3 for 2 offer on All Standard Roses until 31st March.  Use Promo Code Standard at checkout.


Standard Roses are hugely popular at our Knutsford nursery so we've decided to offer them for sale online as a Bare Root option only until the end of March. 

We can post a Bare Rooted Standard comparatively easily, and much more cost effectively, than a Standard within a pot which weighs, and costs considerably more.


So if you are looking for a Rose to perhaps give some height to a back of a border, create a natural line along a pathway or drive or just place a few in containers for patio display, the 3 for 2 offer represents a significant saving.  But be quick there are limited stocks available.  

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